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Unless otherwise specified, the promotion is only effective in the applicable countries/regions. Aulacn reserves the right to change competition and/or promotion terms at any time or termination for any reason (including but not limited to product availability, pricing problem, demand reduction). The prize, discount and special offer may be changed or replaced at any time, without advance notice. The tax of any prize or reward shall be borne by the receiver separately.



Guarantee denial

The contents on this website are provided "in statu quo" and exclude any type of expressed or implied guarantee. Within the maximum scope permitted by the applicable law, aulacn clearly denies all expressed or implied guarantee, including but not limited to the implied guarantee with marketability and specific use applicability. Aulacn doesn't guarantee that the contents are never interrupted or have no error, and defects can be corrected, and that this website or the server used by providing website service has no virus or other harmful components. For the use or use results of this website, aulacn doesn't make any guarantee about the correctness, accuracy, reliability or other aspects. For any computer system damage or data loss (including any damage caused by computer virus) caused by the use of this website, you shall bear all risks on your own. The relevant laws may not allow the exemption of implied guarantee, so the above exclusion clauses may be not applicable to you.


Responsibility restriction

For any direct, indirect, accidental, special, punitive, necessary or disciplinary damages caused by or related to the use or failure to use of this website or any services or materials provided by this website, aulacn or any other party jointly creating or delivering the website shall not bear any responsibility. Though aulacn has received the notice in advance or has the reason to predict the possible damage or loss, such behavior is applicable to the above restriction regardless of nature or cause (breach of contract or infringement act). The above restriction is applicable to any damages caused by or related to the use or failure to use of this website or any services or materials provided by this website, including but not limited to: (1) Error, negligence or inaccuracy of the contents; (2) Personal injury and property losses; (3) Any unauthorized visit or use of our safety server, including any personal or financial data stored here; and/or (4) any bugs, viruses, trojans or similar hazards transmitted through this website. Beyond the maximum scope of any jurisdictional agency not allowing excluding or restricting the accidental or necessary damage, the above restriction shall be applicable within the maximum permission scope of the corresponding laws. In any case, all the responsibilities borne by aulacn for you is limited to 100 dollars.



For any claims, damages, liabilities, losses, responsibilities, costs, legal fees and expenses caused by or related to the following reasons, you agree to defend for aulacn, its licensor, licensee, distributor, agent, representative and other authorized user, and the corresponding officials, supervisor, owner, employee, agent, representative and transferee of the above entities, and make compensation and prevent damages: (1) You use this website; (2) You violate terms of use; (3) You violate any third party's rights and interests, including but not limited to version, trademark or privacy rights; and (4) your behavior brings the damage to the third party.In the defense against any claims, you shall try the best to provide the cooperation within the reasonable scope. Aulacn reserves the right to enable the right of exclusive defense in the case of bearing expenses, and controls any situations beyond your compensation. Without the prior written approval of aulacn, you shall not sign any reconciliation agreement affecting aulacn's rights and interests.


Privacy policy

Effectiveness date: May 10, 2007 For consumers visiting our website and buying our products, aulacn will be committed to protecting their privacy. Aulacn hopes to keep a safe environment for all users of our online products and services. We pay close attention to the use and sharing of visitor's relevant information, and use such information carefully. Please read the following "privacy protection policy" for knowing that what personal information we shall collect and how to use these information. According to the laws and regulations of California, you accept and agree such "privacy policy" by using and/or visiting the website of aulacn. If you disagree with the "privacy protection policy", please don't use aulacn website.


Information collected by aulacn

Aulacn collects the personal information from its users for helping us know the final user and potential final user of the product, thus customizing the product features and performance better, supporting and providing the additional information and business opportunity.What we collect is the information input by you into the website, such as search for products, use of memory configurator or participation of the competition or questionnaire filling. We may collect the information provided by you for us in other ways, such as the communication with us through mobile phone or email. The collected information may include your name, address, phone number, purchase details, personal preference, financial information and other descriptive information.As long as you have interaction with our website, we may collect some information. Like many other websites, we may use "cookie" (send to your computer hard disk drive for allowing our computer to identify your computer alphanumeric documents); When your Web browser visits our website, it will allow us to acquire some types of information. The collected information may include Internet protocol (IP) address connected to Internet, browser type, operating system and other computer information, uniform resource locator (URL) connected with our website, your visit date and time, products and information checked or searched by you, mobile phone used to call us, and confirmation for opening our email.   


Information use

We use the information provided by you to improve the product, reply your requirements, provide product information and notify you of special offer.Our business excludes the relevant information about sales customers or website visitors. We keep close cooperation with other companies in the design, manufacturing, integration, delivery, support and service process and may provide the information collected by us for them for helping improve their process and making them provide the useful information and special offer for you. Aulacn may sell assets to or buy its assets from other companies. Customer information may belong to one of transferred business assets; Once aulacn or its all assets are acquired (though it is unlikely), they may become a part of the transferred assets.In the case of conforming to the relevant laws, we may disclose the information of customers and website visitors for performing the terms of use or agreement terms signed by us or protecting our rights and interests and properties.  


Change of privacy protection policy

Aulacn reserves the right to change such "privacy protection policy". Any change of such policy will be directly released in the following place of aulacn website: Once data collection and processing practice of aulacn have the substantial change, aulacn will notify these users having provided the email address through the email, and post the conspicuous notice on the website and keep it for 30 days.



After-sales service

Aula factory provides the direct after-sales service for the national Aula consumers for exempting your worries about future after buying Aula product. According to the regulations of national three guarantees law, if the user can provide the sales voucher exactly beyond the storage time of the manufacturer but within the warranty time of actual purchase, we still provide the after-sales services. 


Aula product quality warranty period: 

Mouse Replacement time 3 months Free warranty time: 1 year

Joystick Replacement time 3 months Free warranty time: 1 year

Headset Replacement time 3 months Free warranty time: 1 year

Keyboard Replacement time 3 months Free warranty time: 1 year


Free phone of service center:



After-sale QQ: