On January 15, 2016, a rainy day, the opening ceremony of SUOAI Industrial Park, gathering more than 4000 people, including government leaders, Liu Yunfei, the president of SUOAI ELECTRONICS and its staff, dealers at home and abroad, news media and celebrities. The ceremony indicates that SUOAI has achieved a leap in quality of enterprise management, operation scale and technology development, even more proves that Dongguan DONGGUAN SUOAI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is developing in a larger and stronger scale to open a new era. Along with the excited music and the video of impressive performance achieved by SUOAI in 2015, the banquet was opened at an enthusiastic atmosphere. In addition to the wonderful singing, dance, magic, catwalk, new product release and other artistic performance, Liu Yunfei, the president of SUOAI, workers' representative and suppliers' representative gave their speeches respectively. The sand painting performances told about the development history of SUOAI, and showed the SUOAI people's spirit of solidarity and struggle.




  In the fine drizzle, the beautiful and melodious voice of Di Sihan enjoyed high praises and excited all the people in attendance. The song only belongs to the heaven and is hardly heard on the earth. The four songs made the fans enjoy themselves to the full. The opening ceremony of SUOAI is completely successfully, and we will adhere to our way as always and embrace the passion. We will make the year 2016 more rich and colorful and make the development road more determined, we will strive to be better without any fearless on challenges, advance in the electronic industry of China and make more achievements in the increasingly fierce competition.

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